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Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder
Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder
Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder
Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder
Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder

Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder

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Absolute Hemp Seed Protein Powder™

  • 16 oz's

  • 100% pure hemp seed with no fillers or additives

  • USDA certified organic

  • Raw

  • Kosher

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO (NON-Genetically Modified Organisms)

CAOH's pure Hemp Seed Protein Powder is Cetified Organic

USDA Certified Organic - It's Important: Why is it important that our Hemp Seed Protein Powder be certified organic? First of all, it guarantees that you are getting a product that is free of additives, chemicals and preservatives. Secondly, because buying certified organic Hemp ensures that you are actually getting real 100% Pure Hemp Seed Protein Powder.

Long recognized as an excellent source of nutrition and energy, hemp foods have been used by man for over 12,000 years all around the world, and it continues to be one of the top-rated superfoods. CAOH Certified Organic Hemp Protein is nothing more than the finely-milled natural hemp seed “cake”, and is a mild-tasting protein powder that blends easily when added to a smoothie or milkshake. It also works great in making baked recipes more protein rich by using hemp protein as a partial flour substitute, such as in breads, muffins, or cookies. This remarkable superfood is a dense plant-based protein source – with more than three and a half grams of protein per tablespoon – and contains all of the essential amino acids, making it a complete protein as well. Hemp also offers Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), meets over a quarter the RDA’s quota for daily fiber needs per spoonful, and is rich in minerals like iron and magnesium.

Source and Processing

The hempseeds for CAOH's Hemp Protein are sourced from premium organic growers in Canada. This protein powder is produced by cold-pressing raw hempseeds, which are then milled into a fine powder at low temperatures (to ensure freshness and quality).

Some more information about Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp (hemp) a tall, coarse plant (Cannabis sativa L), that is native to Asia but naturalized or cultivated in many parts of the world. It is the source of a nutritious, edible seed (hemp seed).

Ideal Food Source

Hemp is one of the earliest known plants to be cultivated by humans, with a recorded history of over 12,000 years, and has since been grown all around the world for food. An immensely sustainable crop, this hearty plant can be utilized for many different purposes: including using its fiber for textiles and paper, its oil for vehicle fuel and human health, and its seeds for nutrition and vitality. Just like our earliest ancestors understood, hemp’s nutritional benefits are highly renowned, and the hemp seed legacy continues as an ideal source of fuel for human health and energy.

The Power of Hemp

Though it may be just a small seed, hemp offers a huge nutritional content. Hemp seeds are naturally a fantastic protein source: they contain all of the essential amino acids, are highly digestible, and are one of the highest sources of complete protein of all plant-based foods. Hemp also has a very well-balanced ratio of essential fatty acids (EFAs) – Omega 3, 6, and 9 – which are excellent for cardiovascular health and promote a strong immune system (among many other benefits). A great source of dietary fiber, magnesium, iron, zinc, and potassium, hemp is a true superseed.

Nutrient-Dense Nut

CAOH's Hemp Power is nothing short of delicious. A soft nut, our shelled hemp tastes reminiscent of a sunflower seed, with a distinctive richness. Enjoy hemp seeds by themselves, or try them sprinkled on just about anything: including granola or yogurt, salads, soups, dips, or baked into recipes. Our milled hemp protein has a mild taste, which becomes a background flavor when combined with other ingredients. Just a spoonful or two of this powder is the perfect protein boost when added to any smoothie, or mixed into flour for baking.

Hemp Protein is a balanced, "whole" protein, rich in essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

Would you like to lose fat, gain muscle and improve athletic performance?

Hemp seed powder is a rich source of bioavailable protein. Taken in conjunction with a regular exercise program, it can significantly help muscle recovery and growth. And, unlike other protein powders, it naturally contains the perfect balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which have been shown to aid thermogenesis (fat-burning). Many enthusiasts say that it is so sustaining, eating Hemp Protein curbs their appetite for hours, leaving them with energy to spare!

Are you a vegan or vegetarian fed up with soy?

Hemp naturally contains all 10 essential amino acids, making it the only balanced, complete source of vegan protein. For those burnt out on soy products, Hemp Protein can provide a tasty, high-protein alternative in a very convenient form. Ideal for vegan athletes and growing vegan kids!

Do protein powders upset your stomach?

The greatest proportion of protein in Hemp Seed Protein powder is called Edestin, the type most easily used by the human body. Edestin comprises 65% of the protein in hemp seeds, offering benefits for immunity and communication between cells. Edestin also aids digestion and is considered the backbone of our cells' DNA. The remainder of hemp's protein occurs in the form of albumin, which ranks close to Edestin in terms of bio-availability and quick conversion to amino acids. The combination of these two types of protein in one superfood seed make Hemp Protein the closest match for our human protein needs.

Compare this to soy and whey protein powders, which may cause digestive disturbances leading to bloating and flatulence. Soy naturally contains substances that inhibit the enzyme Trypsin, interfering with digestion, and even very low-lactose varieties of whey can still contain enough lactose to upset sensitive stomachs. Neither soy nor whey contains Edestin protein.

Are you interested in whole, raw, live foods?

More and more people are realizing the benefits of eating food that is "live," raw, or unheated, so that its life-giving enzymes are still active. Our Hemp Protein Powder is manufactured using a patented cold-processing technology that keeps the enzymes, natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals intact. This makes it easier for the body to recognize as "real food," and so makes it easier to assimilate. It also contains chlorophyll, a natural detoxifier!

Would you like to be healthier in general?

The essential fatty acids in hemp have been shown to aid in everything from balancing hormones and strengthening the immune system, to promoting glowing skin and hair! Add to this the blood-sugar balancing effect of complete and balanced, cholesterol-free protein, and you have a "super-food" for the whole body!

Hemp Protein is recognized as a complete/balanced vegetarian source of Amino Acids; EFA's; natural anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and chlorophyll. Hemp Protein is the perfect high performance vegetarian whole food and may be used in place of other protein supplements. It is easily digested (no enzyme inhibitors) and can be substituted into any diet. It is recommended that it be blended generously with your favorite raw organic fruits as a complete meal that will leave you feeling energized and totally satisfied.

Nutrition Facts

Container Size: 16 oz - 454 g

Serving Size: 3 Tablespoons ~ 30g

Servings Per Container: 15

  Amount/Serving % Daily Value*
Calories 115  
Calories from Fat 30  
Total Fat 3.5 g 5%
     Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
     Trans Fat 0 g  
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 0 mg 0%
Potassium 456 mg 13%
Total Carbohydrate 7 g 2%
     Dietary Fiber 5 g 20%
     Sugars 1 g  
Protein 16 g **
Vitamin A 25 % Vitamin C 2 %
Calcium 6% Iron 40%
Thiamin 34% Niacin 8%
Vitamin B6 14% Magnesium 52%

Typical Amino Acid Profile per 100g of Hemp Protein Powder
Alanine 0.5 g
Arginine 2.4 g
Aspartic Acid 1.8 g
Cystine 0.3 g
Glutamic Acid 2.8 g
Glycine 0.5 g
Histidine 0.5 g
Isoleucine 0.5 g
Leucine 0.8 g
Lysine 0.4 g
Methionine 0.3 g
Phenylalanine 0.5 g
Proline 0.7 g
Serine 0.8 g
Threonine 0.7 g
Tryptophan 0.1 g
Tyrosine 0.4 g
Valine 0.7 g

Ingredients: Certified organic hemp seeds (Cannabis sativa L) powder from Canada

Daily Value based on a 2000 calorie diet

**Daily Value not established

As this is a natural food product nutritional values will vary.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Contains no sugar, sweeteners, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, yeast, milk, or soy derivatives.

100% Vegetarian - Product of Canada

Suggested Usage:

Mix three tablespoons with fresh juice or in a smoothie. Hemp seed's nutty flavor is also great in soups, cereals or any of your favorite bake goods or dishes.

Safety Information:

Storage: For optimal freshness, keep container cool dry location.

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