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Home > Noni Products > Almost Nude Noni Juice
Home > Detox Formulas > Almost Nude Noni Juice
Almost Nude Noni Juice
Almost Nude Noni Juice
Almost Nude Noni Juice
Almost Nude Noni Juice
Almost Nude Noni Juice

Almost Nude Noni Juice

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Almost Nude Noni Juice™

32 oz bottles!

Our family's very first product (now over 10 years ago!) was a Noni juice blend from the island of Tahiti.  Since that time we have come a long way.  Well, after much cajoling from our old customers we are now offering this product in 32 ounce bottles instead of 17 ounce portions.  We still believe that our pure juices need to be used pretty fast after opening as they are just natural juice products - but in the case of our Almost Nude Noni Juice™, which is our most popular Noni juice product - whole families are using it regularly which makes the larger size more practical.

There is no change to the quality or contents of the product.  It is still 98% Organic Tahitian Noni Juice (Morinda Citrifolia) & 2% added fruit and berry juices - no added water!  The added juices not only significantly improve Noni's taste - it also improves assimilation & utilization by the body.

Organic Tahitian noni juice from California Academy of Health, since 1999.

98% pure organic noni juice, mixed with only 2% fruit and berry juice. It tastes fantastic!

Important Note: Our Noni juice is not made from a concentrate or powder.  If you are using another brand of noni juice - check the label carefully - statements like puree, reconstituted, concentrate, or purified water added all mean you are not getting pure, straight noni juice.  Our certified organic noni juice, at 98%, has 28.8 ml of pure noni juice per fluid ounce. Read the other brands' supplement facts carefully. Many say 20 ml, 10 ml, and even 8 ml per ounce. That means they are not 100% as they claim.  We also sell a 100% noni juice that has 30 ml of noni juice per fluid ounce. It's just 100% pure, certified organic, noni juice!

California Academy of Health is a direct supplier of this noni juice therapy beverage.  We are not a reseller or part of any multi-leveled marketing group or a franchise of some larger company.  We are a family owned business.  If  you purchase our product, you are purchasing a product that contains what we state here - nothing more, nothing less.

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What sets our Tahitian Noni Juice apart from the competition:

  • Ours is pure, fresh, Tahitian noni juice!
  • It is not from concentrate!
  • Our noni is certified Kosher & vegetarian
  • Our noni juice is certified organic and tested for harmful pesticides and chemicals!
  • Our 98% noni juice blend tastes and smells great!
  • Our noni is literally the best!

Our Noni Juice is:

Almost Naked Noni Juice by CAOH is 100% Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers

CAOH Noni products are certified Kosher by OU

Meeting USDA-NOP National Organic Standards

Certified by: Organic Certifiers

Certified Tahitian

Certified Pesticide Free

Certified Kosher

Ask yourself, is our competition?

Tahitian Noni Juice Background:

Noni (Morinda citrifolia), Indian Mulberry, has been known throughout Polynesia for centuries. Noni's importance and extensive use among native Tahitians & Polynesians support the notion that noni contains valuable compounds used to promote healthy living. Noni juice (Morinda Citrifolia), made from the Morinda plant, has been used for well over 2000 years as a whole-body tonic, rich in vitamin C and natural antioxidants. Virtually all parts of the noni fruit's botanical properties have been preserved in our juice. Our noni juice is ripened using traditional methods and then cold squeezed to extract its juice. This process increases the potency of the 140+ active ingredients (enzymes, phytonutrients, trace minerals and vitamins) and helps to preserve and naturally stabilize the juice.

About Our Tahitian Noni Juice:

Our noni juice is USDA certified organic, Tahitian noni juice.  Our Almost Naked Noni's Ingredients:  98% Organic Tahitian Noni Juice (Morinda Citrifolia) & 2% added fruit and berry juice - No Added Water!  The added juices not only significantly improve the noni's taste - it also improves assimilation & utilization by the body.  Noni juice on its own does not taste or smell good at all - that is why we have worked so hard to come up with a fruit juice mixture that will satisfy the palate.  Our bottles are freshness dated and it is best to keep the juice refrigerated after opening.  In addition, our Almost Naked Noni Juice is served in a 32 oz. white plastic bottle which prevents U.V. (Ultra Violet Light) deterioration of the juice.   This protection preserves the juices' essential healthful properties and taste.  Our bottle also has a cap that serves as a 1 oz. measuring cup which is useful when taking your Noni Juice.  In addition we offer customer support second to none.  This is our product - we are not an MLM, Franchise or Distributor! 

All 100% Noni Juice tastes extremely bitter and smells terrible - no matter where it comes from or how it is prepared.  The added juice makes it very palatable in both taste and smell.  Important note: if you are drinking Noni juice that is alleged to be 100% pure Noni and it tastes good something has been added to it - pure Noni does not taste or smell good - it is a fact.

Historically Tahitian Noni Juice is Used For:

  • Arthritis (Joint Mobility, Stiffness & Joint Health)
  • Asthma (Respiratory Problems)
  • Blemishes (Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis & Rosacea)
  • Broken Bones (Healing)
  • Diabetes (Elevated Blood Sugar)
  • Headaches (Migraines)
  • Immune System Failure (Aids & Viruses)
  • Indigestion (Constipation, parasites & Diarrhea)
  • Infections & Viruses (Immune System)
  • Malignancies (Tumors)
  • Pain (Menstrual Cramping, Child Birth)
  • Toothache (Gum Disease)
  • Hair Loss
  • Impotency
  • High Blood Pressure

"In general it just makes you feel better - more energy & well being."

Our Unique Claim:

We Boldly Make the Claim:

Our Tahitian Noni Juice is the Best

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Here is more educational information on noni and noni juice:

Click here to see more educational information on noni juice

Click here to see more educational information by Dr. Neil Solomon on noni juice

A complete outline of noni juice and its uses.

Noni juice research

  • There is no cost saving or nutritional benefit in buying noni that is reportedly 100%.  Our juice is premium quality.

  • It costs us more to produce our noni juice with the added fruit juice - so why do the so called 100% products cost you more?

  • Our noni juice is produced under strict Laboratory Conditions.  In FDA & CAIRAP inspected facilities.  This insures quality and purity unmatched by our competition.  Our noni juice is pasteurized to insure the juice is bacteria free.

  • Our noni juice is Certified Organic: no artificial colors, preservatives or sweeteners and tested for harmful pesticides and chemicals.

  • Our noni juice comes in a 32 oz white plastic bottle that protects the juice from U.V. deterioration and ensures freshness.

  • It is 100% false that plastic bottles reduce the quality of the juice.  Our plastic bottles are pharmaceutical grade.

  • Beware of expiration dates longer than 2 years.  Longer expiration dates mean preservatives are added! Some competitors use MSG, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and don't report it. We don't!   The juice is "flash pasteurized."

  • Our noni juice is priced well below suggested retail prices of $30 to $40 (for 32 oz) and is similarly competitive at wholesale prices.

  • We ship UPS (Using Tracking & Insurance) this protects both you, the buyer, and us.

  • We usually ship within 24 - 48 hours of receiving payment.

  • We get reorders from repeat customers daily - in fact we have a 78.2% reorder stat - that statistic speaks for itself.

Don't take our word for it - listen to what some of our customers have to say:

"We tried the big MLM company.  That was our first experience with noni and we liked their product's taste and effects second to yours.  We also tried 100% Pure Hawaiian from Noni Connection, but found it to be poor tasting and uncomfortable on one family members intestine (too abrasive). We also tested Earth's Bounty Noni.  In addition, the friend who recommended noni in the beginning (she introduced us to a MLM -distributor from Toronto) and she is now switching to your CAOH Noni.

"I feel your Noni Juice is the best of 4 brands we've tested. We're happy we found your product.


"Your new Noni Juice is great - we just love your old noni juice, but this new formula is absolutely wonderful.

"Great job and best wishes,


"I got to tell you, I really love your product.  Last week when I ran out of your Noni, I bought another brand from a local store to get me through until my order arrived from you.  YUCK!! I won't make that mistake again!  Thanks for a wonderful product and great customer service!!

"Best regards,

"Donna :)"

"Boy is your Noni Juice better than that other MLM brand you see all over the internet.   It tastes better and I love the smaller bottles.  Beyond all that - the price is great - we used to pay $42.00 per 32 oz bottle plus shipping - what a rip off!!!!



"Thank you for your Noni Juice!  We have tried the Large Tahitian Brands and even several Hawaiian and your juice is by far the best tasting.   Your juice is fresh and I just love the results.



Suggested Use:

Shake gently before use. As a dietary supplement take 2-4 tablespoons (1-2 oz.) or more in the morning or evening before meals. It can be mixed with water,  your favorite juice or in a smoothie.  Always consult with a healthcare professional before using any nutritional supplement.

Totally Nude Noni Juice™
Organic Tahitian Noni Juice
Certified 100% Pure Organic Noni
32 oz Bottles

Retail Price: $34.99
Your Price: $29.99

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