Liquid Immune Barrier 8 oz

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Echinacea and Beta Glucan Advanced Formula
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Liquid Immune Barrier New Formula

With the Immune Supporting Power of:

Plant Derived Beta Glucan and Echinacea

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)   120 mg   200%
Vitamin D  (as cholecalciferol)   200 IU   50%
Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol acetate)   30 IU   100%
Echinacea (extract)  100 mg **
Beta Glucan Blend: Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root and leaf extract, Maitake (Grifola frondosa) fruit body extract: 116 mg *8
Proprietary Blend: ScFOS prebiotic fiber, Organic Elderberry juice concentrate, Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) leaf extract, Stevia leaf extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract:   300 mg *8
Other Ingredients: Proprietary Blend: ScFOS prebiotic fiber, Organic Elderberry juice concentrate, Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) leaf extract, Stevia leaf extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract

Napoleon said, "an army marches on its stomach." Feed your immune system (army) nature's most potent immune stimulator, Beta Glucan.

You may sleep but your immune system never does. Its always switched-on and on constant alert, 24/7/365, protecting and attacking a well-equipped and persistent army of harmful viruses and bacteria. Every second of your existence your body is under constant attack from virtually millions of these deadly microbes. Its only your precious immune system that keeps these relentless invaders at bay. Your immune system has an incredible array of weapons at its disposal, but so does the enemy.

As the war wages inside your body, the balance of power is always being challenged. Increased stress, poor diet, overwork, pollution, even shifts in weather, can lower your resistance and tip the scales in favor of the enemy. With your immune system barriers now down, viruses and bacteria are left free to harmfully affect your body!

Our Liquid Immune Barrier Advanced Formula helps support the healthy functioning of your immune system by activating and maintaining key defense components, which result in an optimum level of resistance. This formula acts like an insurance policy against any change that could compromise your immune system. You might say our Liquid Immune Barrier Advanced Formula helps a good army become a great army, whose sole purpose is to defend your life.

A healthy functioning immune system is the only way to assure natural protection against harmful microbial invaders. To obtain and achieve maximum resistance, take Liquid Immune Barrier Advanced Formula along with our Whey Protein Gold Isolate on a daily basis.

General Information:

What is Beta Glucan?

It's not a drug, not a vitamin, not an herb, not a mineral. In fact, until recent leaps in biotechnology made it possible to extract it, this immune enhancing wonder substance lay hidden in the cell wall of baker's yeast! Scientists have known for years that something inside certain yeasts and mushrooms had the ability to dramatically enhance your immune system.

Finally, after years of research, they've found that something. It's a long chain polysaccharide called beta-glucan. However, the real breakthrough came with the discovery that a specific kind of beta-glucan (Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan) found only in the cell wall of baker's yeast is incredibly active, far, far more than all other beta glucans combined, and capable of literally supercharging your immune system!

Noted Norwegian scientist, Dr. Jan Raa puts it this way:

"Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan is truly a miracle of nature. It can rapidly activate key components of your immune system safely and naturally. Activation begins with your macrophage cells, one of the most important parts of your immune system and its first line of defense against viral, bacterial, fungal and parasitic attack.

These powerful health defenders contain a perfectly matched activating receptor for the uniquely shaped Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan molecule, somewhat like your car is activated only by a specific car key. Once this macrophage receptor comes in contact with the Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan molecule your macrophage cell is literally switched on and becomes an awesome disease destroyer. Besides most pathogens, macrophages can recognize and kill a variety of tumor cells. In fact, any cancer is fair game for an activated macrophage."

Norwegian Beta Glucan is Clearly Superior

We have investigated literally all of the Beta Glucan products currently available and have found one product to be clearly superior in every possible way. In fact, it's the only Beta Glucan product we recommend. It's manufactured in Norway by a company called Biotec ASA.

The most important thing to know is that Norwegian Beta 1,3/1,6 Glucan represents a monumental breakthrough in the effort to safely boost your immune system. It's backed by solid scientific evidence and it works! Stop getting sick or recover from illness much quicker. Give Liquid Immune Barrier Advanced Formula a try.

Echinacea and your immune system:

Echinacea is one of the best known and researched herbs for stimulating the immune system. Echinacea increases what is called the 'non-specific' immune system. In other words, unlike a vaccine which is active only against a specific virus or bacteria, echinacea stimulates the overall activity of the immune cells responsible for fighting most bacteria and viruses.

Hundreds of scientific studies have documented the chemistry, pharmacology, and clinical applications of echinacea. The most consistently proven effect of echinacea is in stimulating phagocytosis - encouraging white blood cells and lymphocytes to attack invading organisms. Specifically, echinacea increases the number and activity of immune system cells. It increases the number of T-cells and macrophages in the bloodstream. Echinacea also increases the amount of some of our bodies other potent immune chemicals: Interferon, Interleukin, and Immunoglobulins.

In one clinical study scientist, Susan Percival found that echinacea stimulated white blood cells, which fight infection.
Percival, S.S . Echinacea in Medicine. Biochemical Pharmacology, 60:155-158, 2000.

Other studies have shown echinacea's action on another type of white blood cell known as natural killer cells. Natural killer (NK) cells got their name because they can destroy cells which have become cancerous or infected with viruses. Typically NK cell numbers or activity will be reduced in individuals suffering from either chronic viral illness (such as chronic fatigue syndrome or chronic hepatitis) or cancer. Also, a decline in NK cell activity or number is also a common feature of aging. A recent study revealed that echinacea has the capacity to increase NK cell numbers, in aging mice, reflecting increased new NK cell production in the bone marrow, leading to an increase in the absolute numbers of NK cells in the spleen, their primary destination. These findings indicate that echinacea may be proven to help boost NK cells in aging humans as well. In addition, other studies have shown enhanced NK activity and function.

Currier NL, Miller SC: Natural killer cells from aging mice treated with extracts from echinacea purpurea are quantitatively and functionally rejuvenated. Exp Gerontol 2000;35:627-39.
DM, Broumand N, Sahl L, Tilles JG: In vitro effects of echinacea and ginseng on natural killer and antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity in healthy subjects and chronic fatigue syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients. Immunopharmacology 1997;35:229-35.
Mose J: Effect of echinacin on phagocytosis and natural killer cells. Med Welt 1983;34:1463-7

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