Natural H R T with Protykin Trans Resveratrol

Natural H R T with Protykin Trans Resveratrol

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Natural H-R-T

Hormone Replacement Therapy

With Protykin® (Trans-Resveratrol) and Soy Isoflavones

Protykin® (Trans-Resveratrol) 200:1 Concentrated Resveratrol

This is not like anything you see in capsules!

A woman's body goes through many phases in her lifetime. Menopause is a part of natural progression for women and shouldn't be a time of discomfort and illness.

As women approach and pass through menopause, their bodies produce much lower amounts of estrogens, progesterone, androgens, and other hormones causing symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to serious, debilitating and long-term illness such as: osteoporosis, heart disease, endometriosis, PMS, pre-menopause symptoms, weight gain, decreased sex drive, and fibrocystic breasts. Replacement of some or all of the above hormones, that the body has produced throughout life, is often necessary.

Today, millions of women concerned about the effects of aging must decide whether or not to undergo traditional synthetic hormone replacement therapy and suffer its side effects and increased risks of cancer. As we consider the benefit to risk ratio, we must take into account new evidence and ongoing research about natural alternatives to traditional HRT therapy.

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