Super Power Enzymes 180 Tablets
Super Power Enzymes 180 Tablets from CAOH

Super Power Enzymes 180 Tablets

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Supports Increased Digestive Function
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Super Power Enzymes

Aids digestive function naturally

Promotes the proper breakdown of proteins, fats, starches, and fiber

General Information:

There is no better choice in digestive aids, than our Super Power Enzymes .  Our Super Power Enzymes provide an  efficient and effective way to aid on the proper digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats.  Our Super Power Enzymes are so potent that it will most often only take 1 tablet per meal to get the desired results, and in some cases even 1 tablet for a whole day.  You will feel the difference.

Our Super Power Enzymes contain a comprehensive blend of potent digestive enzymes plus HCl and pepsin.  The pancreatin and ox bile are specially coated to allow for release in the intestines where they are needed most for the digestion of fat and starches.  All the other components are  allowed to dissolve in the stomach promoting almost complete pre-digestion of proteins.

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