CaliTrim Diet Support 60 Capsules
CaliTrim Diet Support 120 Capsules from CAOH

CaliTrim Diet Support 60 Capsules

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CaliTrim a natural lipotropic fat burner and fat metabolizer
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  • A High Potency Lipotropic Fat Metabolizing Formula
  • Helps Shed Body Fat!
  • Promotes Higher Energy Levels!
  • 100% Vegetarian!

Works Great
our 7 Keto

CaliTrim contains a synergistic blend of potent lipotropic factors*, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to aid in proper fat metabolism, thereby promoting healthy natural energy levels. This is one of the most effective natural, stimulant free, fat loss, and energy enhancing formulas currently on the supplement market. California Academy of Health has made it affordable to lose fat naturally, and get in the best health and shape of your life.

"Lipotropic factors are a supplement category that supports the liver to metabolize fat and excrete toxins. The lipotropic factors positively enhance liver function and specific chemical reactions that promote detoxification and fat metabolism. Lipotropic analogy: Lipotropic factors are like the hand that squeezes the water out of a full sponge, except here the sponge is filled with fat and toxins.

Lipotropic factors also act as the body s natural emulsifiers, better holding blood lipids in solution and resisting lipid deposition within the cardiovascular system. Sufficient lipotropic factors can also keep homocysteine levels in check to support better cardiovascular health. A high level of blood serum homocysteine was once considered to be a marker of potential cardiovascular (risk factor for heart attack and stroke) disease." Dr. E

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