Mr. Feng is the chairman of the beverage facility we use to extract the juice, pulp, and oil from our goji berries. Within the industry he is very well respected with over 20 years working with goji. We had an opportunity to play 100 questions with 5 industry experts, scientists and executives. It was an eye opening experience to get the real facts directly from the source. The conclusion is that the internet is filled with a plethora of goji false data. Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007
Driving past a field of goji berries. Goji vines are just like grape vines, they are dormant in the winter months, bud in the spring and bear fruit in summer and fall. Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007
On this day we walked down the main street to get some exercise and at every intersection we stopped traffic. I kept looking at Kelly and he at me to make sure we weren't on fire or that we didn't forget to put our clothes on. I am guessing that foreigners are a rarity in these parts -Zhongning.Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007
Rice paddy field near Zhongwei. The paddy fields are quite plain compared to the terraced fields of China's Yunnan and Guangxi provinces.Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007
Another paddy. This area is 100% agricultural and has been so for many thousands of years. There is always a variety of crops planted together. Leafy greens, rice, fruit, and beans are grown within fairly close proximity.Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007