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This is an aqueduct 30 miles from the nearest city, we were in the middle of know where. One of the farms we fund is fed by this mineral rich water. This newly established farm will grow our goji berries and jujube fruit (Chinese date). The area is and has always been completely free from any form of pollution.

This stretch of the road can be considered a one lane freeway. The majority of this days traveling was done on far, far worse than this. I couldn't even take pictures because we never stopped bouncing. The funny thing is, if we broke down we would have had to walk 30 miles back.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

The Muslim family that tends the farm has lived here for five generations. Approximately 1,000 acres are leased from the government of which 700 currently has one and two year old goji & jujube .

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

The inside of the caves are about 30-50 feet deep and have many blankets on the floors. They are actually quite comfortable. There are two simple adobe buildings, to the right, where the grandparents live.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

The family, of which there are nine members, raise goats for their milk and meat, and have about a quarter acre garden. The water they drink comes directly from the aqueduct, laden with silt. Their way of life is very simple; tend the goats, water the crops, pray, and very little else. I think even the dog was thinking who are these white guys!

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

Graves dot the hillsides. We were told that some of them are well over three hundreds of years old. This area is very remote; if you don't live here, there is really no reason to be here.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007



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