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Posted by CAOH on 1/1/2007 to China Goji Berry Garden Photo Gallery

Looking east down Nanjing Lu, Shanghai's number one shopping street. If you want a peaceful day of shopping do not go there! Tourists are hounded continuously by street hawkers who approach from all sides with laminated photos of their wares. Never, never, never go with them!

"Bu Yao" will stop them in their tracks, most of the time, it means no or don't want.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

I am a shutter bug, what can I say.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

Every street has one or more small markets selling amazingly fresh and exotic produce. The average diet is primarily vegetable based. Rice is eaten in the south of China, noodles more in the north. Kelly is staring at the mangosteen.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

I would like to say I just wanted to have a conversation with these kids but we needed a little directional aid again, we weren't lost though. The two of them walked with us for over a mile until we got back to a main road. Xie xie (thank you).

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

I love this tank-top. This is a different day on Nanjing Lu. The humidity was so high that a T-shirt felt terrible so daily T-top washing was in order. As we spent more time in Shanghai we learned where the locals shopped and brought home a stuffed suitcase full of goods.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007



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