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If I only knew that this could have been my last-ever picture, I would have smiled.

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We flew Shanghai Airlines for our 3 hour flight to Yinchuan. It was more like, Fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants Airlines.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

I am sure Shanghai Airlines paid about ten bucks for the plane.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

The pilot was voted, "most likely to kill a jumbo jet filled with passengers and chickens." The plane never flew level and rattled from every loose bolt. When we first touched the runway landing, the jet bounced about 50 or more feet back up into the air and went a little sideways. I am not a nervous person but this trip scared me and almost ruined me from flying all together.

Safely back on terra firma we made a few hours to see a couple sights.


Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

In a province that has more than its share of stately pagodas, Haibao Ta is one of the loveliest.

Goji Trip 2007 - Copyright CAOH 2007

Originally built in the fifth century, it was toppled by the 1739 earthquake and rebuilt in the original style some 30 years later. Restored since then, it has retained its distinctive cross-shaped ground plan that adds depth and complexity to the four-sided tower. Its rare peach-shaped steeple of glazed green tiles is one of only two -- the other crowns Chéngtian Temple's West Pagoda.



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