Liquid Advanced Amino Acids 8 oz
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Liquid Advanced Amino Acids 8 oz

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Amino Acids are the bodies building blocks.
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Liquid Advanced Amino Acids

Amino Acids are our body's "Building Blocks of Life". Being the building blocks of all life, they can also be a way to improve health on an everyday basis.

What are Amino Acids? The basic structure of a protein is a chain of amino acids that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. The presence of nitrogen differentiates protein from carbohydrate and fat. The differences between proteins depend on the order in which the amino acids join. The human body requires approximately 22 amino acids for the synthesis of its proteins. Nine are essential, which means they cannot be manufactured by the body (must be derived from diet or supplementation), the rest are non-essential, meaning they can be manufactured by the body with proper nutrition. The classification of an amino acid as essential or nonessential does not reflect its importance, because all amino acids are necessary for health. Instead, this classification system simply shows whether the body is capable of manufacturing a particular amino acid.

What Do Amino Acids Do? Protein-forming amino acids regulate immunity, growth, neurological development, reproduction, recovery from illness and injury, and a host of other life-sustaining functions.

Who Needs Amino Acids? We all need amino acids. People on diets, especially low protein diets, some vegetarians, bodybuilders, and people consuming an inadequate number of calories may not be consuming adequate amounts of amino acids. In these cases, the body will break down the protein in muscle tissue and use those amino acids to meet the needs of more important organs or despite increasing exercise, you will simply not build more muscle mass.

Our Advanced Amino Acid formula also contains our own unique "Phyto-Nutrient Trace Mineral Complex", to ensure proper absorption and utilization of all the amino acids in this powerful formula.

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