Liquid Coral Calcium Complex and Cofactors 32 oz
Liquid Coral Calcium Complex and Cofactors 32 oz from CAOH

Liquid Coral Calcium Complex and Cofactors 32 oz

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Liquid Coral Calcium and Magnesium Vegetarian Blend of Vitamins and Mineral Cofactors 32 oz
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Liquid Coral Calcium Complex and Cofactors 32 oz
Certified Okinawan Coral Calcium with Vitamin and Mineral Co-Factors

Ethically Harvested - No harm comes to any living coral or reef.

Discover The Power of Real Coral Calcium

32 Day Supply

Strong Bones & Teeth

Ionic Bioavailable Marine Nutrients & Essential Vitamins and Minerals

Gluten-Free / BPA Free

Kosher / Vegetarian

CAOH Liquid Coral Calcium Complex and Cofactors offers a synergistic way to satisfy the body's thirst for natural elemental calcium, nutrient-rich ionic trace minerals and essential vitamins. Everyday stresses including environmental pollution, improper diet, lack of exercise and daily tension can increase the body's acidity, thus altering the healthy pH balance and reducing the body's natural defenses. Okinawan Coral Calcium can help neutralize harmful acid and restore a natural, healthy, alkaline pH and strengthen bones and teeth. A proper regimen of Essential Vitamins and Minerals can also help enhance and maintain good health. This Liquid Coral Calcium Complex contains premium grade, micronized, 100% pure, ionized bioavailable coral calcium mined from Okinawa. The Coral Calcium collection process is overseen for the continued ethical protection and ecological safety of these unique coral reefs and the surrounding marine environment. This formulation is micronized, so it's easy to swallow, readily absorbable, and easily assimilated by the body to help maintain an alkaline pH and encourage good overall health.

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