EMU Oil From Australia 60 ml 2 oz
Organic Ginger Zingiber officinale root Oil 30 ml 1 oz from CAOH

EMU Oil From Australia 60 ml 2 oz

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Organic EMU Oil From Australia 60 ml 2 oz by CAOH
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Organic EMU Oil 2 oz from Australia

Best All Natural Oil for Face, Skin, Hair, and Nails.

Our Emu Oil is imported from Australia and bottled by us here in the USA

What is Emu Oil?

Emu Oil is derived from the fat of the Emu (Kalaya) bird, which is native to Australia. The Emu (Kalaya) bird is a relative to the Ostrich and is the second-largest living bird by height! mu oil was originally used by Australian aborigines and is now marketed for use for many conditions. After the EMU it is processed for its red meat, the fat that remains is processed 5 times to a fine rich - chemical-free Emu Oil. Emu Oil made up of essential fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, absorbs well into the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, and anti-inflammatory.

Organic EMU Oil by CAOH.com

Country of Origin: Australia
Scientific Name: Dromaius Novae-Hollandiae L.
Common Names: Emu, Kalaya Oil, Kalaya Bird Oil
Parts Used: Fat from the Emu (Kalaya) bird
Form: Liquid Oil
Color: Off White Opaque
Scent: Slight Animal Fatty Aroma
Natural: Yes
Refinement Status: Refined (6 times)
Fatty Acid Composition: Oleic 45-50%, Palmitic 22-25%, Stearic 8-10%, Linoleic 6-10%, Free Fatty Acids less than 6%, Iodine Value 50-80. SAP Value: 175-200. Flash point: >140 deg. C, >284 deg. F. INCI: Emu oil.

The EMU is a flightless, grey-feathered ratite bird of Australia, closely related to the ostrich. Emu oil is obtained from a thick pad of fat on the back of the bird that was initially provided by nature to protect the animal from the extreme temperatures of its Australian homeland. For centuries, the aborigines of Australia have been applying Emu oil to their wounds with excellent results. Today, more and more it is being added to products to increase their effectiveness. It is found in foods, muscle pain relievers, skin care products, and natural soaps. Emu oil is non-irritating. Its color varies from light ivory to yellow to light orange, there's no guarantee of how each batch will look and feel.

Our Emu oil is a blend of both the lighter and heavier fractions of emu oil and has a creamy consistency. Refined using chemical-free filtering to form pure Emu oil doesn't contain any fillers, dyes, or perfumes.

Some of its known properties are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerative, high in oleic acid (oleic acid has better skin-penetrating qualities than vegetable oils), moisturizing, doesn't clog pores, penetrates through several layers of skin. The oil is almost odorless but this will vary from batch to batch. We have never had a batch that had a strong or objectionable odor.

Some of its known uses are Assists with the healing of bedsores. When applied to a new cut, scrape or burn, assists with the prevention of scars. Provides sunburn relief. Makes a wonderful massage oil for muscle aches and strains. It's a soothing sensual oil. Very helpful for arthritis pain and inflammation. Provides canker sore relief. Useful for diaper and heat rash. Great as a massage on children who have "growing pains" in their extremities.

Assists with the prevention of stretch marks; once stretch marks are present, assists with eliminating accompanying dryness and itchiness. Makes tight skin more supple. Good skin lubricant; also useful in sensual applications.

Emu oil, when first applied to the skin, is greasy; however, within 5-10 minutes one notices that the oil is slowly being absorbed by the skin leaving a great feeling of overall smoothness on the skin. You can use it straight or you can add essential oils of your choice. The bottle of Emu oil should be shaken ever so lightly to mix the contents before each use. Store in a cool, dark place, away from direct sun and heat. Shelf life when properly stored is 2 years.


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