Organic Tea Tree Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil 30 ml 1 oz
Organic Tea Tree Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil 60 ml from CAOH

Organic Tea Tree Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil 30 ml 1 oz

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Organic Orange Citrus Sinensis Oil 30 ml 1 oz from the USA by CAOH
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Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil 60 ml 2 oz

Specifications for Tea Tree Oil

Country of Origin: Australia
Botanical Name: Melaleuca Alternifolia
Family Name: Myrtaceae
INCI: Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil
Common Names: Tea Tree, Ti-tree
Parts Used: Leaf
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Scent: Medium, Fresh, Antiseptic, Mint, and Spice Back-Notes
Appearance: Colorless to Yellowish-Green
Physical State: Liquid
Natural: Yes
Purity: 100%
Organic Certified: Yes
Specific Gravity: 0.890
Solubility: Insoluble
Flash Point (Closed Cup): 60°C

Tea Tree Oil

Organic Tea Tree Oil by

Why USDA Certified Organic?

Important: Why is it important that our Tea Tree Oil be certified organic? First of all, it guarantees that you are getting a product that is free of additives, chemicals and preservatives. Secondly, because buying certified organic Tea Tree Oil ensures that you are getting real Tea Tree Oil. We have been selling Tea Tree Oil since 2008 in Europe, and since the recent media focus on Tea Tree Oil it has increased in popularity. It has also increased the number of Tea Tree Oil products on the market and many of them are not pure Tea Tree Oil or may not even contain Tea Tree Oil. Buying certified organic Tea Tree Oil ensures that you are buying the real thing at its best!

Most people have been introduced to essential oils through three words, Tea Tree Oil. Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil is probably one of the more well-known oils among adults and teenagers. The Melaleuca Alternifolia is a small tree from Australia with needle-like leaves and heads of sessile yellow or purplish flowers. The oil is derived from the leaves of the tree and is mainly produced in Australia. Beyond recorded history, Tea Tree Essential Oil uses and benefits were passed down from generation after generation by the native people of Australia, called Aborigines.

Complementary and alternative medicines such as tea tree (melaleuca) oil have become increasingly popular in recent decades. This essential oil has been used for almost 100 years in Australia but is now available worldwide. The primary uses of tea tree oil have historically capitalized on the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions of the oil.

This oil has been distilled and extracted from the leaves from the tea tree plant, using the traditional steam distillation method. This incredibly pure, highly concentrated, exceptionally effective essential oil is USDA Certified Organic. No Sulfates, No Parabens, Gluten Free.

The fresh, antiseptic, and minty scent make the oil a must!

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