Our Recurring Order program allows you to get the products you need without having to place a separate order every time, so you won't run out. When you place your order, you'll see a drop-down menu on the product screen, and you simply choose a frequency (in increments of 30 days). In order to receive recurring orders you must have an account, which will also enable you to view tracking and order history. If you want to make changes to your recurring order you must do so at least four days before the order date. 

Important: All changes must be made by account holder on the Recurring Order section of your My Account page - please login to your account to access these settings. CAOH does not manage the recurring order status or frequency! If your payment method changes you will need to cancel your existing recurring order and establish a new one.

NOTE: CAOH is not responsible for managing recurring orders. Customers must log in to their account to make changes. Do not email us or call to make changes. This ensures that no misunderstandings or miscommunications regarding when and how often orders are processed and shipped!