Chlorella A Microscopic Perfect Food

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Chlorella may well be the perfect food for humans! The nutritional profile of this microscopic plant is staggering! Bursting at the seams with vitamins, minerals, and so much more, Chlorella is like a prehistoric multivitamin. It contributes to youthful growth and tissue repair, while balancing pH levels, binding to heavy metals, encouraging the growth of friendly bacteria - and the list goes on! It can even help freshen your breath! 

Berries the "Superfruit" Who could have imagined?

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Berries the "Superfruit" Who could have imagined?

More information on the Acai Berry!

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Additional Information on the Acai Berry

All about Acai

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Acaí Palm (IPA [asai]) is a member of the genus Euterpe, which contains 7 species of palms native to tropical Central and South America, from Belize south to Brazil and Peru, growing mainly in floodplains and swamps.

Know more about ActiVin®

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Pomegranate Results Encouraging

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Pomegranate Results Encouraging