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Acaí Palm (IPA [asai]) is a member of the genus Euterpe, which contains 7 species of palms native to tropical Central and South America, from Belize south to Brazil and Peru, growing mainly in floodplains and swamps. The genus is named after the muse Euterpe of Greek mythology. Euterpe are tall slender attractive palms growing to 15-30 meters tall, with pinnate leaves up to 3 meters long. Many of the palms that were once in the genus Euterpe have now been reclassified into the genus Prestoea (Riffle, 2003). The species Euterpe oleracea is usually called Acaí Palm, after the Portuguese name for the beverages made from its fruit. The vernacular name is also sometimes spelled Assai Palm in English.

The fruit, a small, round, black-purple drupe about 1 inch in diameter, similar in appearance and size to a grape but with less pulp, is produced in branched panicles of 700 to 900 fruits. Two crops of fruit are produced per year. The fruit has a single large seed about 7–10 mm in diameter. The epicarp of the ripe fruits is a deep purple color, or green, depending on the kind of acai and its maturity. The mesocarp is pulpy and thin, with a consistent thickness of 1 mm or less. It surrounds the voluminous and hard endocarp which contains a seed with a diminutive embryo and abundant endosperm. The seed makes up about 88-90% of the fruit (Schauss, 2006c).

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Acai is not a diet product!

Acai Berry Scams Are Ripping People Off

We get 5-6 e-mails per day talking-up the virtues of acai as a weight-loss miracle. We hate to be the one to break the bad news to you all, but acai has as much weight-loss capability as do red grape skins or blueberry skins. The ability of any of the products mentioned, when taken alone, to create an environment where weight just melts off is a bald-faced lie. Meaning, if you continued with your normal way of life and just add acai to your diet, changed nothing else, NO weight would be lost. You may physically and/or mentally feel better, because acai is a potent antioxidant and antioxidants neutralize toxic free-radicals, but it is not a weight loss miracle.

There are many examples ofacai berry scams that suggests people will lose between 22-30 pounds in 14 days. Free Trail! No risk guarantee! Dr. Perricone, Dr Oz, and Oprah endorse it! The list goes on and on.

Come on people, it's hogwash! To read some more articles regarding these scams click here!

Important Issues:

Quality: The first step is finding a company who creates a quality, organic, pure acai products who will not rip you off. Since acai is so popular these days, many manufacturers have entered the market, creating inferior quality acai products with fillers and additives which give you none of the benefits that pure organic acai will give you.

Free Trail Marketing Scams: (They are not really free because you have to pay shipping!) The reason they charge you for shipping is so they can get your credit card info. Then in 30 days they charge your card again between $75 and $100 for a new order and enrollment in a health news letter. If you want to cancel future orders (or like many, didn't read the fine print and so didn't realize you signed up for something) it is difficult to contact them or even find a phone number. We have had dozens of calls to our company by frustrated people trying to locate the company they ordered the "free" sample from so they can cancel future orders.

This is just the simple truth!

I have been taking acai for years now and I still weigh the same (I eat great and I exercise 3-4 days a week. But I am not taking it for weight-loss, I am taking acai strictly for its incredible antioxidant powers). I loveacai and I sell a ton of it in my practice, I just don’t sell it for weight-loss. That would be highly unethical and not worth the money I would make. --Dr. E.

Acai is a great product and has many important health benefits, but companies with absolutely no credibility or ethics are filling the internet with miss-statements and promises!

All this in addition to our high-quality, unique products make us the clear choice. Really why would you even consider anyone else?

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